Happy Dog 
Full Service Pet Care 
Serving the Bay for over 15 years 

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Other Services

Care for aging and injured animals of all kinds; animal massage is an additional option for disabled animals, or animals with behavioral issues

Pet & House Sitting

Pet sitting for dogs, cats, birds, horses, rats and whatever other animals you care for at home. All sittings include one-on-one individual attention for each pet: play time, cuddle time, belly rubs, etc.

We can visit up to four times a day and/or stay overnight. Overnight hours are 9pm to 7am. Daily visits are between 7am and 11pm. Other hours can be arranged.

  • feeding routines are maintained and fresh water is always available
  • walks and potty-breaks for dogs, clean litter boxes for cats, and clean cages for other animals
  • home security is checked on each visit
  • rotating lights/blinds, TV or radio left on, mail/package pick-up, plant watering, green waste, recycling, and garbage bins are placed out for pick-up and returned
  • administer medications (pills, liquids, and topicals) and bandages can be changed
  • we can also give subcutaneous injections

Overnight rates begin at $45 per night—additional charges may apply for on-leash walks, medications, or special requirements for house and yard care.

Small dog boarding in my home

Tellington TTouch
Initial consultation, 1½ to 2½ hours, including treatment plan $85

  • workshops $45 for 3 hours, 5 person minimum
  • follow-up sessions, $35-$45 per hour
  • T-Touch balance training and labyrinth work, $45 for 45 minute session

Pet Taxi Service
Includes picking up and dropping off dogs at the groomers, vets, and clients’ workplaces or homes.

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